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When Revelation Comes

Friday nights are sometimes movie night for me. Lately I have been praying on the subject of revelation and experiencing God.

So, it was not out of place when I decided to watch the movie ” The Keeper,  part 2″ by Femi Adebile.

It was like something rose up again in me. It was the continuation of my prayer in a movie form.

Knowing God has several levels. There is the knowledge of God and the experience of God and both requires a level of revelation.  The level of revelation determines the level of victory.

It starts from dissatisfaction of the present.  As long as you remain complacent and comfortable of the present, new revelations will not be shown you. The Word of God says ” if you seek me, you will find me when you seek me diligently “

I don’t know the situation you might be in at the moment.  Infact, it might has made you sour against others and silently planted jealousy in your heart against another person who seems to be making progress in that area. But can I tell you that you are looking at the wrong direction.

Genesis 27 vs 40 gave a very powerful insight. ” by your sword you shall live, and your brother you shall serve; but it shall be that when you become restless,  that you will break his yoke from your neck “

Please read that verse again!


What will your restlessness do?

To become restless means to become dissatisfied about your current situation.

To become restless means that you understand that you’re not where you should be.

To become restless means that you understand that victory has not been won. So you cannot rest.

Only those who have revelations become restless.

Revelation brings light.

You see sometimes we pray and fast for long hours and sweat and shout but it just seems as if we’re hitting brick walls, if you check and see that there is no sin, then it’s time to ask for revelation.

Lord, reveal unto me what to pray about this aspect of my life.

But you must grow restless.

Restlessness causes you to seek revelation,  revelation brings light,  light increases knowledge,  acted knowledge brings victory.

Where do you stand?

” when you are restless, you will break his yoke from off your neck”

What yoke are you carrying?
The yoke of immoral perversions?

The yoke of pain and misery?

The yoke of heartbreak and delay?

Are you not tired of the happenings in your life and family?

You keep hoping that the next month will yield better result. But 2021 came and went, we’re in 2022 now.

You seem to be groping around without a concrete direction and out of frustration you take and you say ” half bread is better than chin chin, and if there is no chin chin, at all , at all bad pass”


Child of God, I know there’s more that’s found in Christ and I will never settle for less!

So after waiting for that direction and no answer, you just stand up and move. “At least let me be engaged in something “

Your teenage son and daughter seem to be behaving out of line. The things you saw on their phones and bags just made your legs weak and you cry lying on the floor and screaming at them
” I didn’t kill my mother, so you won’t kill me”

Sorry ma, but that sentence didn’t move the enemy who is after your children one bit.

He’s gone to get reinforcement, he’s going to get a stronger yoke.

Ha, it is your restlessness that will cause you to Arise and declare ” I and the children whom the Lord has given me they are for signs and wonder in Israel “

It is an abnormality when children of God don’t know and claim their inheritance.

Sister, the reason you have been in 5 relationships is not because those brothers are ‘on fire’. They are your ‘kind of men’??

What you lack is what they have so you want so badly to have such men in your life.

Take a step back, Deborah was not waiting for the men to arise. The book of Judges said ” and I Deborah arose……., she was not a woman without something in the inside of her. A woman who was Courageous enough to judge Israel and lead them to battle. She carried God’s presence,  her life was echoing Moses’ prayer, if you do not go with us, don’t carry us anywhere then. And just before God could say more he begged
” I beg you show me your glory “

How deep are you to carry God’s presence in this decaying society?

Dear minister,  dear business man, the reason why you have been having problems is it not because you lack discernment?

The manager you think was great has ran away with your money.

The assistant woman leader had a mission before joining your fellowship and you didn’t see it. Her goal was your home and you cannot smell it. Instead you drop all your family’s plans right at her feet.

You have been fraternizing with the enemy and you don’t know. You keep saying my friend.

Enough of groping in darkness,

Enough of having a Father so mighty yet we live children who has been abandoned

Enough of reading the Bible and it seems like a very good story book that happened in the distant lands some years ago.

Where is the power that the Bible spoke about?

Where is the God that caused men to walk on dry land?

Where is the God that provided and made things out of nothing?

Where is the working of the Holy Spirit that the Apostles had?

Where is the God that sent His son to pay for my sins?

I want to experience Him!
I want to see His power!
I want to have a revelation of His light

I am restless
It is enough!

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# ExperienceGod

4 thoughts on “When Revelation Comes

  1. This is a timely revelation, I’m no longer satisfied with my present situation, I need His revelatory light
    God bless you sis…more grace

  2. My oh my! This has got me restless. Away with complacency! Blessed be the second day of September, 2022, the day I discovered your site.

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