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Tehillah -Final Episode

All the medical personnel left the room soon after to give the family some privacy. The room quieted down. Ronke and Eghosa stared at the little one.
Ronke couldn’t cry. As much as she tried, no tears came but her heart felt shredded in pieces.


“Lord, why did you allow me to carry this one till term? It had been better if my hopes weren’t raised. I had dreamed of being a mother. I fantasized about holding this one. I even waited until now to see the gender of the baby.” She lamented quietly.

Even though he slay me, yet will I trust


The bible verse came back to her from the book of Job. She was reading that two days ago.

And Eghosa?

She couldn’t bear to look at Eghosa. The man has endured many things. He has been her constant support. His hopes of being a father once again dashed in pieces.

“I’m sorry” she mouthed to him without looking at him.

She felt his hands envelop hers and as it tightened she knew he was praying.

Just a week ago, she had gone with Eghosa and Dele’s family for an official party. Eghosa and Dele had been invited to speak as the only company that won the contract. She was afterward introduced to the CEO and was surprised he was Jewish.


The man carried so much grace and gentleness. He introduced them to his wife and kids. A 4 four-year-old boy and a 6-month-old baby girl. Their little baby caught Ronke’s admiration and she wasted no time in asking to hold her. As the baby laughed and cooed, she imagined a day like it with her own child or children. She asked the mother for the baby’s name.

‘Tehillah’ the mother had told her.
“What language is that?” Ronke asked. “I love the pronunciation.”
“Thank you.” The new mother replied. “It’s Hebrew, Tehillah means Praise.” She daily reminds me of God’s faithfulness. We called her Tehillah as a constant reminder of God’s love towards us.


Hmm, I love that name. Ronke gushed.

And now……,

Her expectations were cut short; her prayers left unanswered.

How would she walk around now without attracting pity from all who knew her? Just yesterday she was very pregnant and today she is childless, with very flat abdomen.

She looked up at Eghosa who held her hand. Together they formed a hold over the baby’s back as Eghosa prayed. Though his words were not very audible she knew he was praying. She also knew there is a possibility of a miracle. Suddenly the room felt charged, Eghosa began praying tongues

Ronke closed her eyes. This time her tears poured.

Even though You slay me, yet will I trust You,

For Your love is better than life
Your Love is better than life
Your Love is better than life



She moved her lips quietly repeating those words.



Suddenly, she heard a faint cry. Then another faint cry. It grew louder.
That sounded too close. Ronke thought.
Has she been too overwhelmed by the desire to hold her child that has begun to hallucinate the cry of a baby even when hers is stone-cold dead and in her arms. She smiled sarcastically to herself

Her thoughts were interrupted by another cry.

Eghosa loosened his hands from hers. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He looked ghostly like he also heard something. She moved the baby lying on her chest and realized she has been crying but the sound was muffled because her face was flat on her chest.
Ronke was still trying to come to terms with this reality when she heard Eghosa scream.

“She’s alive! She’s alive!”

He rushed to the theatre door, pushed his head halfway through the door and gave out a deafening shriek “Doctor!” He rushed back in almost immediately.

“Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Lord we give You praise.” Eghosa was jumping up and down in excitement

Ronke stared in shock. Her baby was moving and crying too. Then it suddenly hit her and she screamed the loudest “My baby is alive!”

The room was soon flooded by hospital staff and other patients or their caregivers. The baby was examined and was in perfect condition. Eghosa kept crying and so was Ronke.
Then she heard in her spirit.

I just heard the name ‘Tehillah’  Eghosa said.

“Me too,, I heard that too, for the Lord has given us reasons to sing. She will be a reminder of God’s faithfulness and love to us.”

Eghosa nodded in affirmation and began to sing.

I held my head in my hands
And bowed to the earth
Not in worship but in shame
For all, I have imagined to be
Were wiped away before me
As much as I tried to see
Or understand even in bits
I came to the realization that
Things were not going my way
So I came to You and brought them to You
My hurt, my shame, my pain
Seeking answers, seeking solutions
But what You gave me was more
Much more than I could imagine


Instead of giving answers you gave me Your love
Instead of giving solutions, You gave me a path
Instead of taking my pain away, You gave me healing
Without a trace or scar from my wounds
Jesus -You added double for my shame and caused me to dance
Now all I sing is nothing, just nothing BUT YOUR PRAISE

I hope you enjoyed reading this short story as much as I enjoyed writing it. The bible says “ weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalms 30 vs 5). Over and over again, we see God’s faithfulness. I see his call for us to draw near, so close to Him. His promises never go unfulfilled and His love is better than life. I pray our lives will constantly be filled with blessings and lessons that we will always have reasons to lift our voices in praise to God. I pray that TEHILLAH will give healing and give hope even to mothers waiting for the fruit of the womb and homes aching for the wine of love. May Praises never cease from our lips. In Jesus’ name, Amen. TEHILLAH.

What lessons have you learned?

I look forward to reading from you.

Remember, God’s love is better than life.

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5 thoughts on “Tehillah -Final Episode

  1. There is nothing impossible for God to Do.
    With our God All Things are Possible.
    All we have to do is to believe and exercise our Faith in times of trouble and despair.

    Thanks for writing and sharing this for our edification.
    I pray God will give you the wisdom you need to write more.

    Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  2. Even when I don’t see it, He’s working
    Even when I don’t feel it, He’s working
    He never stops, He never stops working…

    This story teaches trust and faith in God.
    Teaches love and unity in homes
    Teaches the importance of prayer and praise

    So many lessons…

    A constant reminder that GOD is faithful regardless of what we may be going through…

    Thank you Fortune for weaving all these and more into our hearts and spirit, the word of God is life and so this is…

    God bless you.

    More wisdom and grace to horn your craft in Jesus name. Amen

    I want to read from you again soonest. Love you loads

    1. Amen and Amen Mama. God bless you tremendously.
      More stories are coming by God’s grace.
      Thanks always for your wisdom and encouragement.
      I love you

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