Eghosa and Ronke had gone to see Dr. Ken. This will be the first time Ronke will be stepping outside the house since her last miscarriage. She felt lighter and at peace.
The meeting with Dr. Ken had gone on smoothly. Earlier he diagnosed Ronke with Endometriosis which he explained as a painful condition in which the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. This tissue can grow in other locations like the intestines, stomach or ovaries. Sometimes, the patient may have painful periods, excessive bleeding and infertility are also possible.

Osa and Ronke had been surprised at the Infertility part since she had conceived thrice and miscarried.

“Ectopic pregnancies may occur which is what Ronke experienced. A fetus cannot survive outside of the womb so miscarriage happened.” Dr. ken added answering their silent question.

Today, the plan was on treatment options. As Dr, Ken gave them the available options; hormonal treatments, medications and/or possible surgeries. They weighed their options, asked him questions and received answers.

They had ended the session asking Dr. Ken to give them some days to think about this and decide which route they would take.

The ride home was extremely quiet. Each with his or her own thoughts, wondering and praying. The silence was disturbed when Eghosa’s phone rang.

He looked at the caller, it was the company he had gone to submit a proposal earlier.

After confirming his identity, the caller scheduled an appointment for Eghosa to meet with them the next day.
Eghosa ended the call smiling.
“What is the good news?” Ronke asked with a quizzical look.
“You remember that company I submitted a proposal to the other day? We were awarded the contract and this time to a German investor.” Eghosa broke the news to her.
“Wow! How much are we talking about here?” Ronke was curious.
“75 million Naira!” Osa answered punctuating every word.
“This is a huge one. Hold on let me call Dele.”
He immediately dialed Dele and broke the news to him. Dele couldn’t hide his joy at the announcement. It was indeed a time of lifting for them.

As they drove into the compound, Abdul rushed over to let them know that something might be wrong with Mama Ore.
“E be like say she dey cry. I ask am wetin make I dey cry, but gaskiya I no hear am for answer.” Abdul explained in his Hausa baritone.
“It’s ok Abdul, thank you.” Eghosa said and dismissed Abdul.


They found Mama Ore, sitting on the floor. As soon as she saw them she went on her knees.


“Maami, ki lo se le?” ( Mother, what is happening?) Osa asked
“Ejo e da ri ji mi” ( she cried, pleading for forgiveness).
Ronke became afraid. What is she asking for forgiveness for?


“Are you diabolical?” Ronke asked impatiently looking scared
“Ra ra o!” she acknowledged gesticulating with her hands in the air as she continued to speak.

“Eghosa, I have always been jealous of your mom. Her marriage is still intact and her children are succeeding. My own case is different. My husband is with another woman and my children go from one trouble to another, so I vowed to interrupt your happiness. I convinced your mother to stay with Abies in the U.S. as long as possible while I plant seeds here and there that will cause the home to be in disarray before she returned. But for some days now it seems that I am not myself. I am startled each time I hear movement.”

“Hmm.” Eghosa sighed and shook his head

Strangers shall fear and run out of their hiding places.


Indeed, there’s power in prayers.
Ronke broke into tongues, speaking and declaring while Osa led Mama Ore to Christ.

He proceeded to tell Mama Ore that no seed that is contrary to God’s promises can have an effect on his life and that of his wife because their lives are hidden with Christ in God.
“Omo mi.” Mama Ore called Ronke. “Forgive me.” She pleaded. “When I could have enjoyed you and be a mother, I was busy depriving myself of every good thing. Forgive me.”
It was a reunion and a time of forgiveness.
Then she prayed over Ronke and informed them that she will be leaving the next day. Mama Ore had seen the Light.

It has been a few months since Ronke started treatment. Today, she just wasn’t herself. Unable to keep anything in her stomach she had vomited four times that day. She left the office early and sent a text to Eghosa that she’s going home.
As she drove home, a sudden realization hit her. “I have missed my period.” She muttered.
“No way! Dr. Ken said it will take a while for this treatment to be effective. Could it be?
No!” She argued with herself.
She got home and grabbed her pregnancy kit. It showed positive.
She called Eghosa and left a message for him to meet her at Dr. Ken’s.
She was confirmed pregnant and two months gone.


It was both an ecstatic and fearful news. Her previous pregnancies had not survived beyond three and a half months. They waited, they prayed. Eghosa’s mom later arrived to take care of Ronke. She waited and prayed along with them.
Every night was a time of declaration for them especially as the dreaded 3 months came by.
They decided that from the 4th month till she delivers it will be days of just praises and declarations.
Four months passed. Six. Then eight and a half months. Ronke couldn’t believe it. She fantasized about one day holding this tiny little human. A part of her and Eghosa.
She smiled as every night her husband will lay his hand on her and declare. What an advantage to have a man who knows his God.

She had gotten up to use the bathroom one night and felt wet. She walked to the toilet as fast as she could but something continued dripping down her legs as she left the bathroom.
“Huh!” Ronke sighed. “I can’t even control my own bladder anymore.”

She tore off some tissue paper so she could wipe down but the fluid was a little too thick for urine and sticky too. As she bent over, she felt a dull pain in her lower back. She straightened herself again and leaned against a wall to rest and wait out the pain. But just then, a painful cramp started that worsened as the minutes went by. She screamed for Eghosa.
Ronke was rushed to the hospital that night.

Surprisingly the birth was easy. “It is a girl.” She smiled at Eghosa who has not had a minute of sleep. He had been praying over his wife all through the labor and delivery.

I take charge as the head of this home and as a priest holding the censer of your promise and the blood of the covenant I made with Christ on the Cross of Calvary

I declare that miracle of bringing forth will be a testimony that will outlive my generation

I begin to speak into the unknown, because I have a God who specializes in the unknown

I take authority over principalities and powers as I am not ignorant of the devices of the enemy

I bring into captivity every workings of the devil and I silence every accuser

I declare that this will be my battle for praise

I burst out on every side singing nothing but praise

Lord, I invite you here, now, right away Take over!

Eghosa continued as they took the baby to clean her up, Ronke noticed the whisperings and hesitations of the midwife and doctor. A strange sad feeling hung over the atmosphere. She saw the doctor whisper something to another doctor as they examined the child.

“Can I have my baby please?” she asked no one in particular.
They turned towards her with the tiny bundle.
The baby was not moving. Her eyes were shut. No sound came from the little one.
“I’m sorry.” The doctor began. ”I’m sorry about your loss. Your baby couldn’t make it.”
“We think she might have been stillborn.” He added. “I’m sorry!”

Ronke collected the child and laid it on her chest. The word ‘stillborn’ echoed in her heart.

Eghosa heard the word ‘stillborn’ and heaven heard too.

……last episode coming up soon.


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Written by Fortune
Hello! I’m Fortune Chiamaka Jacob. A Nigerian, a blogger, a medical professional. Most importantly, I am a child of God with a passion for Godliness in all spheres of life. I represent Christ here on earth and desire to help others grow in Christ as well.