Tehillah – 2

Ronke will never forget that day. She had gone to see Osa’s parents for the first time. Mama Ore, who is his mom’s eldest sister, was there. Osa’s mom had fallen in love with Ronke immediately, and on hearing, she is an orphan, drew her even closer. A type of love she had prayed for. […]


Tehillah -1

  The banging on the front door was persistent. Ronke wondered who could be hitting the door so loudly this early and how they managed to get through the front gate. Where was Abdul the gateman anyway? She tossed on the bed, trying to ignore the incessant banging. Abdul can deal with whoever it is. […]

Christian Living

My First Love

With hands gripping the seat we sat on, knees quaking and knocking together we poured our hearts in prayer. The Pastor had just finished ministering on a message “My First Love”, my ear perked up as I heard the title; that was all I wanted these days, I wanted to be so badly in a […]