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Anger, Offenses and Spiritual Warfare

By Debbie Osa

First Scenario.

I once worked in an organization. I and my colleague had a high-end potential client we desperately wanted to convert into an actual one. His contract would run into the millions, and commissions would be huge.

We made calls. We made presentations. We spoke to the heads. We spoke to him. We prayed. We fasted – and I could see all the visible signs that we would get the contract. We had one final presentation – and the bag would be secured. We were so, so ready.

Then about two days before the presentation, my colleague and I had a blowout. A huge, massive, gigantic, spittle-flying, words-shooting blow-up. After that, we did not speak to each other except it was absolutely necessary, and when we did, it was with perfunctory words. We were both livid, purple with fury. 

We went for the presentation, but something had shifted – and not for the better.

We did not get the contract. 

I did not need to be told. I knew that I knew that I knew that I knew that it was because of the “fight.”

Do you know the funny thing? Today, I cannot remember what we were so angry about.

Scenario Two.

A couple was believing God for a child. Despite all they did, years passed with no pregnancy. The woman was more distraught and began to pray for revelation.

Not long after, she began to notice a pattern: She and hubby would be as lovey-dovey as ever, but every time her ovulation approached, they would have a massive argument. They wouldn’t speak until the ovulation window closed – then they would go back to their usual chumminess. 

It was as though the blinders were taken off. She had taken the quarrels and offences as normal. They weren’t. they were used by the enemy to prevent them from stepping into the manifestation of their blessings.

Scenario Three.

A group of women was led by God to pray together for their lives and families. They came together and began to pray. Things began to shift in the spirit, and previously difficult cases were being resolved. In fact, one day, God gave them a revelation of what He was doing in the group, and how the outcome of the prayers would be a testimony to others. 

Then one unintentionally offended another. The offended lady was enraged and said a lot of unspeakable things. The offender was sincerely remorseful and genuinely apologized, but she refused to be appeased. Others tried to mediate, apologizing on behalf of the offender, but no, she was too offended. 

She left the group, still angered. The outcome wasn’t good. The enemy practically destroyed her whole life.


God’s army is made up of ranks – and every child of God is in a rank. A rank can be a godly biological family, group, church, or team. 

The Bible also said the end-time army will not break ranks. (Joel 2:7) This means that their strength will come from God – and from unity. The blessings of God – whatever they desire for an abundant life – will be commanded on them. (Psalm 133:1-3.)

The enemy is aware that a united army carries the fullness of God’s presence. He also knows that if they are disunited, God cannot be in their midst or lead them. (1 Corinthians 14:33; James 3:16). Thus, they become open to his attacks and wiles. 

So, he does all he can to break them apart, and one of his biggest weapons will be offences. Not just offences, but legitimate offences. He will make you justifiably angry 

– that your spouse spoke to you that way in front of the children, 

– that your choir director told another absent brother to take the solo – after you came for all the rehearsals

– that your prayer partner ignored your calls when she knew you had been ill 

– that your departmental members didn’t wish you a happy birthday – after you surprised each one with a cake…

…and on and on. 

But don’t be deceived. It’s not just about a cake, or words, or money, or a song. 

It’s about spiritual warfare and demonic agenda.

Over the weekend, Pastor DDK shared a story at a conference.

One day, she and her husband had a difference in opinion where she felt justified. Then she went into prayers. As she began to pray in the Spirit, God showed her a vision.

There was a massive host of people, all fully kitted in armoury. She and her husband were part of the host, both fully kitted, fingers firmly interlocked.

Then a spirit of strife began to speak over both of them – and they both disentangled their fingers. As soon as their hands were separated, the armour fell off both of them.

Dear reader, don’t be deceived – or distracted. It’s beyond who’s right, or who’s wrong, or how much they hurt you.

Ask for grace to look beyond the offence to the Commander and your purpose as a team – and don’t break your rank.

Written by Debby Osa

Debby Osa is a Christian blogger, speaker, and writer. She is also the author of the dramatic fiction, ‘Inanna’, and the Bible Study book, ‘According To Pattern’, 

Although a brand consultant by profession, she is obsessed with books and runs a publishing firm. She loves all-things-God, amazing teaching of the Word, creative works that keep you spellbound – and finger foods.

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