6 Lessons from the Mount Zion movie : Abattoir

If you are new here or haven’t heard of this movie, look on Damilola-Mike Bamiloye’s YouTube channel to watch the entire season 1.


This movie ticked all the boxes for me. Suspense, style, clear video, action and the most important a breath of fire. I mean it is inspired and you can see the Holy Spirit at work in the movie. The movie highlights the believers walk and the plot of Satan against every child of God. The bible verse “walk out your salvation with fear and trembling became very evident in it”. That we are saved is not enough, but as Colossians 2 vs 6 puts it, “seeing then that you have received Jesus Christ, continue to live your lives in him”. With the carefulness that the devil is seeking for every opportunity to bring us down. Watch out for those things that drew you to the Cross, for therein can lie the loophole to take you far from the cross. As I look at the characters in the movie, I’ll share six lessons;


1. Forgiveness is a choice but also a necessary commandment. – Martins is a great man, conversant with the Word of God, but the loophole of unforgiveness was strong enough to keep him traceable and penetrable. I am not here to tell you that sometimes forgiveness is easy. Infact, if you have not struggled to forgive, I bless God for your life. Because one way or the other you will face situations that demands forgiveness. Forgiveness frees us. Seals us and heals us. One bible verse that I love is this “ that the wicked one comes and finds nothing in me”. And for many forgiveness has left them vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. One funny thing about unforgiveness is that you may be the one carrying that load, the other party may not care, not be sensitive enough to care, might have already asked for forgiveness and moved on or have not realized they owe you anything. So, let go, free yourself and receive freedom today

2. Bitterness blindfolds – when Martins, drove Baba Gbenro out of his house that dark night I shuddered. I shuddered at the covering of darkness that has overcome Martins, to send out the one man who would risk his convenience to come look for him, the one man who still showed him true love. You see that matter that you have said in your heart “ it is death that will separate me and this person”, may be the reason the enemy is having constant access to you. It may be the reason why light has not shone in the darkness that seems to be gaining grounds on you. When the matter is still fresh in your heart each time you think and you ruminate over the possible ways you could have made the other person feel the pain you are feeling, you have created a darkness of bitterness. Let it go.

3. Neglecting God’s word is dangerous- if you have not realized already, the word of God is the bread that every believer needs to eat, digest and get powered on daily. If you neglect the power inside the word of God, you end up getting drained by the problems of life. Let me borrow a line from Baba Gbenro “ a lot of Christians have been stranded because they have not been charged by the power from the word of God. They have light but no oil, very soon their light is out and they’ve got no oil to relight their lamps”. Let me ask you, how important is the word of God to you. Do you sit down with it or you breeze through it like a deserted drive through. Let me tell you, the devil is not seeking to just drive through any one’s life. So why should we drive through the weapon that we have against him?
4. If discernment is lacking, then there is fire on the mountain.- I cannot imagine how many times, I have been frustrated at Martins, “ how can he not just see, how can he not just understand that they are after him? Why would he just swallow every line hook, line and sinker?, then it dawned on me. Martins lacked discernment. Oh, the dangers we put our selves through because of the lack of discernment. We are not aware of the collaborations of hell against us, so subtly the enemy creeps up and mingles with others and because we cannot sense it, he strikes before we can realize it. That you are running your masters program and you need someone to watch your kids doesn’t mean that you accept every help you can get. That you have the offer is not a good enough reason to accept it. Not all open doors are meant for you to walk in. discernment will help you when you badly need advice, who do you go to? You cannot afford to let down your guard, the enemy is not letting his down. He is taking meticulous steps, so why won’t you?

5. If your prayer life is gone, fan it back to blazing hot – there are no defeated man than a man whose prayer altar is cool and breezing. Prayers will keep you covered, get you victory, expose the agenda of the devil and draw heaven’s attention. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers against rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. The devil is not afraid of your money in the bank or your PHD or your affluence. He is only afraid of a righteous, word-abiding, prayerful man. Infact, your entire world and assets are in trouble if you don’t know how to command things and attention on your knees. Prayer will fan your discernment, study of God’s word will keep it, obedience to God will secure it. We live in a fallen world so we just cannot but pray

6. This is more like a prayer than a lesson – we need mentors like Baba Gbenro. – that a man will be looked in the face and told “ get out of my house, don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t visit “ and sent out into the dark night in a city he knows no one, yet he is still filled with compassion and prayed for Martins. he saw the devil at work and knew I cannot let the enemy win over Martins. Dear mentors, are you saying “ if they need help they know where to come”? what if the devil gets them before they come to you. Maybe the reason you’re not seeing any revelation about your mentees is because you still have terms and conditions, with less compassion. Dear mentee, you too don’t wait to be babied, seek for mentors through prayers, mentors who will lead you well and keep you in the narrow path, they may not be tush or polished as you are but they know their place in the realms of the Spirit, so set your pride aside and pray with me “ Lord I need a mentor like Baba Gbenro”.

There are many things I have learned but this six will suffice for now. Have you watched the movie? What have you learned from it? Please let me know your thoughts and lessons in the comment box.

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Written by Fortune
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